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Q: Aren't all sound companies basically the same?
A: No, some are very large and can't remember your name .... until it comes time to talk about OVERAGES!

SOUNDESIGN is a boutique sound company specializing in customized digital audio post production. We believe in personal service so that you don't get lost in a massive organization. Founded by Kent Gibson, we've been in business since 1975 catering unique post production techniques to each particular project. At Soundesign you get a "post production coordinator" as well as sound editors and mixers. We give real estimates so that overages are rare.

We want you to listen to the sound track as it takes shape. Typically we provide you with temp mixes and "play-downs" as tracks and sounds are being built. The more chances you have to feed back to us, the closer you can come to realizing your dream. The same people will follow your production from start to finish so that details do not get lost in the shuffle.

We maintain one of the largest digital sound effects libraries in the world, and a large percentage of sounds are "on line" so that they are instantly accessible. We're experts in the use of ProTools.

We design the sound post work environment to suit your particular needs and save money. We design new and exciting sounds.

SOUNDESIGN - 29 years ago, we invented the name. Today, the world is listening.

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