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Music Libraries

As a client of SOUNDESIGN, you are free to audition music in the Music Library. In a comfortably equipped audition environment equipped with a 3/4" scan deck, mixer, and CD player, you can search through over fifty different libraries for production music. A Mac computer is also available containing a database (by Geffen Systems) of the contents of all music libraries available in the United States.

We facilitate your direct contact with the music library companies by negotiating your license fees for you. Also, we do not sponsor any one library over another.

SOUNDESIGN is proud to offer you this unique service as we know of no other situation where all of these different (and competing) libraries can be accessed from one location.

Selected listing of available Libraries:

ABACO Music Library
Agamemnon Music Library
All American Composers Library
Artsong Music
Associated Production Music (Partial)
Audio Action
Bruton Music (Partial)
Capitol Production Music
Capriccio Records
Cavendish Music
Cezame Music Library
Chrysalis Records (Partial)
Delos International
Delta Music (Partial)
Deluxe Music Library
DSM Producers
FOCUS (Partial)
Gary Remal Malkin Music
Hibon (Partial)
Highland Music
Hollywood Film Music Library
Intermede (Partial)
James & Aster
Joseph Weinberger
KOKA Media
Match Music Library
Musique Cinema Television (Partial)
No Boyfriend Music
Parry Music Library
Peter Buffet Music
Powerhouse Music
Sonoton (Partial)
Soper Sound Music Library
Standard Music Library (Partial)
Studio G Mood Music
Themes International
Under Cover Music
Warner Bros. Song Catalog
Plus extensive library of commercial CDís

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